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TFS-1020 (Optical Fault Finder / Optical TDR) « XFTP by Trilithic « Downloads

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The hand-held TFS-1020™ Optical Fault Finder from XFTP by Trilithic offers an affordable way to determine optical fiber length or fault locations in fiber optic systems.

By using optical time-domain reflectometer technology, the TFS-1020 can automatically calculate and display nominated and interval event lengths. Measurements up to 30 kilometers away can be made while reading up to 5 fault events. The TFS-1020 comes in an easy-to-transport compact size.

•Dual-source operation with 650 nm and 1550 nm light sources
•OTDR Technology
•Determines optical fiber length or fault location for cables from 65 feet up to 18 miles long
•Determines visible fault location for cables up to 3 miles long
•Measures up to 5 Fault Events
•Auto-power off feature with low power alarm
•Compact Size