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Searcher Super Plus & Plus GT (Digital Signal Leakage Detectors) « XFTP by Trilithic « Downloads

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Trilithic Searcher Plus GT leakage detector brings you the legacy Searcher Series Leakage Detectors that have been the standard of the Cable Industry for more than 20 years. Today, over 20,000 of these instruments are in daily use by cable systems all over the world to control system leakage, perform government-mandated proof of performance tests, and to identify the small leaks in a systems that may warn of reverse ingress problems. All searcher Series detectors are shipped ready to perform the full range of leakage control applications.

These leakage detectors are ideal for CLI measurements using the Optional AFS series calibrated dipole. When tracking down a leak source on foot, the operator may use the provided flexible rubber antenna or the optional near field probe for close-in inspection and fault diagnosis. An optional lockable vehicle mount, connections to vehicle power and whip antenna configure the Searcher Detector for convenient drive-out operation.

Searcher Plus GT is the first Leakage Measurement Receiver built specifically for systems employing digital set top terminals that cannot tolerate “tagged” leakage carriers. The GT provides enhanced “false alarm” resistance and many of the features of the Super Plus without the use of a tagged leakage test signal.

•Testing installations for excessive leakage
•Walking down the source of leakage
•Near field preventative maintenance measurements


The Super Plus leakage receiver is designed for the new era of digital program services and overbuilt systems. Its high immunity to “false alarms” from other signal sources (even leaks from other systems) make the Super Plus the perfect instrument for identifying leaks in noisy or overbuilt areas. Because� the Super Plus only responds to carriers that have been “tagged” by a CT-2 (Channel Tag) or CT-3 Tagged Carrier Inserter, it rejects the effects of ignition noise and power line interference.