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CT-2 & CT-3 (Channel Tagger) « XFTP by Trilithic « Downloads

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The Trilithic CT-2 or CT-3 Channel Tag is a headend-mounted device used with XFTP’s leakage receivers used to help identify leakage sources in overbuilt areas, to increase detection range and to increase immunity to interference. When several CATV systems operate in the same area, it is often difficult to determine which system is the source of a detected leak. The CT-2 and CT-3 solve this problem by “tagging” the system video carrier, or the carrier provided by the CT-3, with low-frequency modulation. This modulation is ignored by TV sets, but causes a distinctive response in XFTP Seeker Lite² leakage receivers.

•The Solution to “False Alarms”
•Warbling Identifier Tone
•Discriminating Receiver
•Extended Sensitivity