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Model Three (Signal Level Meter) « XFTP by Trilithic « Downloads

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•5 MHz to 1 GHz Frequency Range
•Full Scan, Single Channel, and Spectrum Modes

•Data Logging

•Digital Signal Measurements: Power, MER, Pre- and Post-FEC BER (Including Deep Interleave)
•Constellation Display
•Rugged, Simple to Use, and Cost Effective
The Model Three™ signal level meter is ideal for CATV installations – featuring a wide range of tests for analog and digital channel measurements. This rugged instrument can be customized, streamlining tests and making your installations and troubleshooting more efficient.

With the press of a single key, the meter performs a complete test of all channels in the selected user channel plan to specified limits. It can also be set to automatically perform Level, Spectrum, Tilt (Favorite), Hum, QAM, and Limit tests at programmed intervals, unattended.

Carrier amplitudes are displayed individually, grouped with up to 12 “favorites”, or in scan mode with five levels of magnification or full channel plan scan. This meter features a single-channel spectrum mode which displays interfering beats in addition to the carrier amplitudes. The meter also tests QAM channels, performs Hum measurements, provides data logging, includes a voltmeter, and much more.

The Model Three conveniently stores up to four user-defined channel plans customizing the meter for contractors that work in several systems with different channel lineups. Plans can be automatically learned (from eight base plans) at a cable drop, or downloaded from PC files using the optional ToolBox™ software. The operator can select favorite channels in each user plan to be included in a Tilt/Favorite channel plan.

The Model Three can measure the channel power of QPSK and QAM channels when testing or troubleshooting your digital transmission system. This function also measures MER and pre- and post-BER for QAM channels (including deep interleave).